September 4 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Mary Renault (1905), Richard Wright (1908), Syd Hoff (1912), Craig Claiborne (1920), Joan Aiken (1924), Forrest Carter (1925), David Lagercrantz (1962),

Syd Hoff is best known for his classic children’s book “Danny and the Dinosaur”

Quote: “Just because I’m sweeping leaves doesn’t mean I’m not thinking.” Joan Aiken

Stories ought not to be just little bits of fantasy that are used to wile away an idle hour; from the beginning of the human race stories have been used – by priests, by bards, by medicine men – as magic instruments of healing, of teaching, as a means of helping people come to terms with the fact that they continually have to face insoluble problems and unbearable realities.” – Joan Aiken

Tip: Confusing pronouns: “The lazy dog sat on the sofa. It was soft and plump.” – The second sentence could apply to either the dog or the sofa. The “it” makes it unclear. You need to be specific here. This often happens in books where there are multiple characters of the same sex. Using “she” or “he” for everyone gets too confusing as to who is whom.

Jumpstart: It’s spring and the birds are coming home. All of them. We need to be ready…

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