Spotlight: K.G. Fletcher

Faultless Love
(The Bennetts of Langston Falls, Book 1)

RELEASING 11-11-22
(Pre-order available NOW!)

He’s a convicted felon out on parole for a crime he didn’t commit. She’s the girl who put her life on hold while he was away. Can the two pick up right where they left off?

He never should’ve gone on that beer run. If he’d stayed at the party, kissing Robyn by the bonfire, his life would’ve turned out totally different. But actions have consequences, the slam of the judge’s gavel echoing the death knell of his freedom.

Now he’s back in his hometown, starting his life over at his family’s Christmas tree farm and winery.

Running into Robyn wasn’t part of the plan.

She leaves him pining and reckless to see her again. But things permanently changed after that night so many years ago. Or so he thought.

With Robyn, he feels understood, wanted, and strong—things he hasn’t felt in a long time. When she’s in his arms, he’s tempted to trust again. To love again. To fly free again.

But deep down, he’s petrified.

Will the love they share be enough to overcome the past? Or will his second chance at happily ever after implode, confining him to a life sentence—alone?

Author’s Note: A steamy standalone romance about two lives turned upside down. One-click if you love a sacrificial hero willing to risk it all, and a heroine who never gave up on him. Romantic Add-ons: Steamy second chances, an idyllic small town, skinny-dipping in ponds, barn loft liaisons. This love story comes with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.




KG is a hopeless romantic. When she’s not on the road singing, she’s probably at home day dreaming about her swoony book boyfriends, or arranging a yummy charcuterie board while sipping red wine and listening to Frank Sinatra.

KG loves to interact with readers on social media and share about her writing and singing journey.  For more info about tour dates (and FREE concert tickets), sign up for her newsletter on the “Contact” portion of her website!