Spotlight: Vicky Burkholder

Will a bitter betrayal send a determined pilot and her engineer to a fiery death?

Cass Brennan makes her living scavenging artifacts and searching for her lost parents, while piloting her spacecraft. When she discovers an ancient ship, everyone rushes to steal her prize. Along with her godfather, and Zack Anderson, who she admires for his expertise with engines, gentle manner, and handsome features, Cass refuses to go down without a fight.

Zack is on a search also—to find who’s responsible for destroying his family. He doesn’t want to believe the beautiful, brave, and talented woman he’s trying hard not to fall for is the one he seeks. The more he gets to know Cass, the idea of her being a murderer is ridiculous, and he is definitely ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Zack and Cass are betrayed and then stranded on an unforgiving planet. While nature’s forces try to kill them, they fight to stay alive.

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It seems like I’ve been writing and editing forever. And, in a way, I have. But only professionally for the last twenty years or so. I’ve worked for newspapers and magazines, done policy and procedures manuals for organizations and the government, and worked as an editor for a variety of publishers and private clients doing everything from novels to college-level textbooks. Whew! That’s a lot!

As a writer, I write fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and romance novels and novellas. At various times in my life, I have been a teacher, librarian, computer specialist, short-order cook, DJ and more. I’m married to the most supportive guy in the world and together we raised four great kids.