Do you need a private editor? Someone who can correct your grammar and spelling? Someone who can tell you that you changed the color of your hero’s eyes? Or that You did action A on page 3 but on page 10, you said it was three days later only it was the same day?

Yes, we can do that. Between the two of us, we have over twenty-five years of experience as editors in multiple genres including fiction and non-fiction. We use Chicago Manual of Style for our base but can adapt to other styles if necessary.

If you think you might be interested, send us a note through the contact page and we’ll talk.

Generally payment is between .015 and .03 cents per word based on original manuscript. This includes multiple passes and is done through PayPal with half upon contract and final when manuscript is returned.

Do we promise publication? No. No private editor can do that. We are not associated with any publishing house or agency. We are strictly people who will help you make your book better.

I will also note that if you do send your book to a publisher and they come back with edits they want you to make, that is often due to in-house preferences. These are things we cannot control.