You’d like a review done?

I’d love to review your book, but there are a few things you need to know first:

  1. I do not do horror. Ever. And please, don’t try to talk me into it. I. Will. Not. Do. It.
  2. That being said, as you can see from the pages, I will do almost any other genre including non-fiction. I (and my other non-fiction reader Teresa) bring a wide variety of experience to all books. Check out our bios on the “About” page.
  3. On the “About” page, you’ll also find my sparkler and heat level listings. I will (and have) read every heat level, but I will also note in my review whether it is erotic and give a warning to that effect. This is a site for all genres and all ages.
  4. Send me a note via the “contact us” page about your book and we’ll see about getting it scheduled. I will warn you now, I am only one person and get backed up sometimes. But if you (or your publisher) contacted me, I will get to your book as soon as I possibly can.
  5. Reviews will be posted Monday/Wednesday/Friday to both the main page as well as the genre-specific page. I will also post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and other sites as possible.