Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Today is Saturday, November 5.

Birthdays: Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850), Eugene Debs (1855), Will Durant (1885), John Berger (1926), Christopher Wood (1935), Sam Shepard (1943), Carole Nelson Douglas (1944), Richard Holmes (1945), Joyce Maynard (1953), Andrew Sean Greer (1970), Uzodinma Iweala (1982)

Andrew Greer won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for “Less”

Sam Shepard won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for “Buried Child”

Quote: “When you hit a wall – of your own imagined limitations – just kick it in.” – Sam Shepard

Tip: Not everything you create will sell. Every author has those manuscripts they thought were amazing but are gathering dust in a drawer. And that’s okay. Move on and write the next one!

Jumpstart: I got lost. I had my phone, the GPS, and even a paper map. And I got lost. What would I do? What could I do? Not matter what I did, I ended up wrong…

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