November 16 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: George S. Kaufman (1889), Joan Lindsay (1896), Jean Fritz (1915), José Saramago (1922), Chinua Achebe (1930), Elizabeth Drew (1935), Rick Atkinson (1952), Robin McKinley (1952), Andrea Barrett (1954), Anne Holt (1958), Tahir Shah (1966)

Jose Saramago won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Rick Atkinson has won the Pulitzer Prize in both journalism and military history.

George Kaufman won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for “You Can’t Take It With You” and “Of Thee I Sing”. He also won a Tony Award as director for “Guys and Dolls”

Jean Fritz won a Newbery Award for “Homesick: My Own Story” about her childhood in China.

Quote: “Storytellers are a threat. They threaten all champions of control, they frighten usurpers of the right-to-freedom of the human spirit — in state, in church or mosque, in party congress, in the university or wherever. It is the storyteller who makes us what we are, who creates history. The storyteller creates the memory that the survivors must have – otherwise their surviving would have no meaning.” – Chinua Achebe

“One of the biggest, and possibly the biggest, obstacle to becoming a writer is learning to live with the fact that the wonderful story in your head is infinitely better, truer, more moving, more fascinating, more perceptive, than anything you’re going to manage to get down on paper.” – Robin McKinley

Tip: Ensure vs. Insure: You ensure that something is done (to make certain of); you insure a car. They are not interchangeable.

Jumpstart: What I really want is… (finish this for yourself or your character)