Review: Love at First

LOVE AT FIRST by Kate Clayborn

Fiction, Contemporary Romance


Nora and Will are perfectly messed up people who find their way past their pasts to a hopeful future. Nora lives in a small condo building, having taken over her grandmother’s apartment when she died. Nora spent all her summers there while growing up so knows everyone in the building. They are family. When Will inherits one of the apartments from his deceased uncle, everything starts changing. And change is something Nora doesn’t deal with well. 

Will doesn’t want anything to do with his uncle’s unit. His uncle had turned him away when he was a young teen and the resentment is still there. Nor does he have any feelings for the people who do live there.

At least, not at first. But as Nora and Will both discover, change does happen—and sometimes that can be a good thing.

Definitely recommended.