September 1 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Marguerite Gardiner (1789), Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875), Jean Burden (1914), Gail Gibbons (1944), Jim Arnosky (1946), Timothy Zahn (1951), Jane Hissey (1952), Nelson George (1957), Jesse Kellerman (1978),

Quote: “The most important lesson my parents taught me is that writing is a job, one that requires discipline and commitment. Most of the time it’s a fun job, a wonderful job, but sometimes it isn’t, and those are the days that test you.” – Jesse Kellerman

Tip: This is back to school month for many schools. Take a trip to your nearest office supply store and look at all the neat things for students. What would you really like to have? New notebooks? A fancy pen? A new computer? Pick one object in your price range and buy it. Make a plan for future purchases you can’t currently afford.

Jumpstart: Edgar Rice Burroughs was the creator of Tarzan. Your character is meeting Tarzan as he gets off the boat in England for the first time. What are his/her impressions of the King of the jungle?

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