New Reviews

There are a lot to get through. Several weeks ago, I had surgery on my hand. My dominant hand. The one I type with. Though I am healing, it has been a long, challenging time, but I did get a lot of reading done. So, here we go:

Under Fiction:

The White Hare by Jane Johnson – 4 Sparklers for this 1954 British paranormal historical.

Cold Snap by Marc Cameron – 4 Sparklers for this thriller set in Alaska

Forever Texas by William Johnstone – 3 Sparklers for this historical Western based on the famous King Ranch in Texas

Under LGBTQ+

Fire and Sand by Andrew Grey – 4 sparklers for this gay romance

Under YA

Small Town Witch by Kristen Walker – 3 Sparklers for this teen paranormal first part of a series

Under Romance:

Tough Justice by Tee O’Fallon – 4 Sparklers for this K-9 centric romantic suspense

Under Fantasy:

The Enchanted Crossroads by Dora Blume – 2 Sparklers for this good vs. evil fantasy

Under Mystery:

The Postman Always Dies Twice by Zara Keane – 5 Sparklers for this fun cozy

Die in the Wool by Katherine Hayton – 3 Sparklers for this small-town cozy

Give Up the Ghost by Jane Hinchey – 4 Sparklers for this paranormal cozy

Grave New World by Demitria Lunetta et al. – 2 Sparklers for this paranormal cozy

Restoration Murder by Lucy Branch – 4 sparklers for this very British cozy

Witcher Upper by Amy Boyles – 4 Sparklers for this paranormal cozy

Cozy Cat Caper by Paige Sleuth – 3 Sparklers for this trio of shorts

Ice Cream and Guilty Pleasure by Amber Crewes – 3 sparklers for this cozy novella

Clouds in My Coffee by Julie Mulhern – 4 Sparklers for this cozy

Killer Spring Fling by Mollie Cox Bryan – 2 sparklers for this short cozy

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