July 23 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Raymond Chandler (1888), Elspeth Huxley (1907), Hubert, Jr. Selby (1928), John Nichols (1940), Lisa Alther (1944), Gardner Dozois (1947), Vikram Chandra (1961), Mohsin Hamid (1971), Lauren Groff (1978),

Quote: “I wrote for fourteen years and couldn’t get published. So I got used to the idea of not having an audience. I knew that if I were going to continue writing, I had to find other reasons than fame and riches and reactions from readers. I decided that I love to write, that it’s the most fun I have, so that makes it worth doing; and I use writing to figure out things about my life and the world, so that makes it worth doing; and it’s a craft and I can feel that I’m getting better at it and thus may hope eventually to get published, and that makes it worth doing.” – Lisa Alther

Tip: Edit your short story as if every word costs you ten dollars. How much fluff do you have?

Jumpstart: How would your main character tell a good friend about his/her current circumstances? What about after a few drinks? Describe the conversation and where it takes place.