July 1 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Johann Heidegger (1633), Gottfried Leibniz (1646), George Sand (1804), William Strunk (1869), James M. Cain (1892), Amber Reeves (1887), James Cain (1892), Jean Stafford (1915), Emily Arnold McCully (1939), Denis Johnson (1949), Lisa Scottoline (1955), Louise Penny (1958), Genevieve Valentine (1981), Blake Bailey (1963),

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is thought to be one of the founders of library science.

William Strunk, Jr. was a grammarian best known for his book “The Elements of Style” which was revised by his student E.B. White.

Jean Stafford won the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her “Collected Stories”

Lisa Scottoline’s book “Final Appeal” won the 1995 Edgar Award.

Quote: “I love writing both fiction and memoir. Both have unique challenges; bottom line, fiction is hard because you have to come up with the credible, twisty plot, and memoir is hard because you have to say something true and profound, albeit in a funny way.” Lisa


Tip: Consider using a storyboard for your book. Set up a chart—either paper, computer or large piece of cardboard or whiteboard that you map out your scenes and chapters on. Sticky notes work well for this as you can move them around.

Jumpstart: Write a scene where two enemies are caught in a stuck elevator. What happens?