April 11 Writing Tips

Birthdays: Dean Acheson (1893), Glenway Wescott (1901), Leo Rosten (1908), David Westheimer (1911), Peter O’Donnell (1920), Anton LaVey (1930), Mark Strand (1934), Thomas Harris (1940), Dorothy Allison (1949), James Patrick Kelly (1951).

Dean Acheson won the 1970 Pulitzer in History for his memoirs.

Mark Strand was the US Poet Laureate 1990-1991.

David Westheimer’s book “Von Ryan’s Express” was made into a movie of the same name.

Quote: “You must understand that when you are writing a novel you are not making anything up. It’s all there and you just have to find it.” – Thomas Harris

Tip: The beginning sells your book. The ending sells your next book. Check your beginnings and endings. Are they compelling? Do they draw the reader in and finish everything up neatly? Please don’t leave your readers hanging.

Jumpstart: Finish the following: There was a sense of anticipation (use: massage, tree, sand, clock)

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