March 10 Writing tips, tricks, thoughts

Birthdays: Friedrich von Schlegel (1772), Henry Watson Fowler (1858), Jakob Wasserman (1873), Jack Kent (1920), Paul Coates (1921), David Rabe (1940), Johanna Lindsey (1952), Ake Edwardson (1953), Felice Arena (1968)

Quote: “Put your heart into what you’re writing. If you can’t laugh at your own characters, or shed a tear for them, or even get angry at one of them, no one else will either.” – Johanna Lindsey

Tip: Set an established writing routine, whether it’s a specific time of day or word count, or place… whatever gets you writing and stick with it.

Jumpstart: Little things around your house are missing. This week, a small pillow; last week, an old t-shirt; food that you know you bought is gone from the cabinet. Who or what is taking the stuff? How and why?

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