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I’m playing catch up here!

Under Mysteries:

Half-Baked Alibi by Devon Delaney – 4 Sparklers for this cute cozy

Caramel Pecan Roll by Joanne Fluke – 3 Sparklers for this 28th edition to the Hannah Swensen series

Under Nonfiction:

The Essential Gluten-Free Cake Cookbook by Michelle Anderson – 5 Sparklers for this yummy cookbook

MIND Diet for Two Cookbook by Laura Ali – 5 Sparklers for this delicious offering

The Complete Guide to Tarot and Astrology by Louise Edington – 5 Sparklers for this informative book

Under Romance:

Let it Melt by Margot Johnson – 4 sparklers for this one

An Angel’s Wylder Assignment by Tena Stetler- 5 Sparklers for this paranormal romance

Twisted Lies by C.B. Clark – 3 Sparklers for this one

Under LGBTQ+ for Adults:

Least Resistance by Andrew Grey – 4 Sparklers for this one.

Enjoy! I know I did.

March 16 Writing tips, tricks, thoughts

Birthdays: Sully Prudhomme (1839), Eric P. Kelly (1884), Emory Holloway (1885), Sid Fleischman (1920), Margaret Weis (1948), Alice Hoffman (1952),

Sully Prudhomme was the winner of the first Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901.

Eric Kelly won the 1929 Newbery Award for “The Trumpeter of Krakow”

Emory Holloway wone a Pulitzer Prize in Biography for his book on Walt Whitman.

Sid Fleischman won the 1987 Newbery Medal for “The Whipping Boy”

Quote: “Adult novels are as ephemeral as newspapers. Children’s books stay in print for decades.” – Sid Fleischman

Tip: Read a book. Any book. For a writer to truly succeed, s/he has to also be a reader. Read for pleasure, but also study the story. Rip it apart to see what makes it work.

Jumpstart: While walking through a parking garage, you hear a thump coming from the trunk of a car trunk. What do you do?