March 9 Writing tips, tricks, thoughts

Birthdays: Vita Sackville-West (1892), Bernarda Bryson (1903), Mickey Spillane (1918), Margot Apple (1946), Keri Hulme (1947), Pat Murphy (1955), David Pogue (1963), Hannu Rajaniemi (1978),

Quote: “I’m a commercial writer, not an author. Margaret Mitchell was an author. She wrote one book. Hemingway hated me. I sold 200 million books, and he didn’t. Of course most of mine sold for 25 cents, but still… you look at all this stuff with a grain of salt.” – Mickey Spillane

Tip: Write a one-line sentence that describes what you would like to accomplish as a writer in the next five years. Be specific, and realistic.

Jumpstart: A vandal has trashed your street. You put on your sleuth hat and set out to find the perpetrator. When you find out who did it, you are shocked. Who did it and why?

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