Guest Author: Isabelle Rowan

A huge thank you to Sparkling Book Reviews for allowing me to visit their blog and introduce my new novel!

Furborn_postcard_front_DSPEarly settlers transported foxes to the Australian colonies, but not all foxes are what they appear.

Connor Coutts fiercely guards the family secret of the Furborn in sheep country Victoria, where foxes are shot on sight and left to hang from trees as a warning to others. At seventeen he is the only male Furborn for hundreds of miles, one of the last of a rapidly dwindling legacy. His life’s path is clear—until someone new arrives at the MacKenzie sheep farm.

Furborn is a tale of shapeshifters, Celtic mythology, and first love all set in Australia. My background is Geordie and Scots so I’ve always been fascinated with the legends (myths?) of the UK north lands be it the Lampton Worm or the Kelpies. I grew up hearing these stories even here in sunny Oz and find it very difficult to think of them as all fiction. The magic of the Darkland and fairies are part of my life – I even had a rowan twig put in my cot to protect me. Fairies and changelings were very real to my elderly relatives.

This is why I wanted my fox shifters to be part of the natural world and not a violent aberration.

Changing to fur wasn’t the way humans imagined. Connor had witnessed the bone crunching transformation to wolf in one of his few visits to his school’s media class. He’d chuckled at the close-ups of the actor screaming in agony while every bone in his hand shattered and reformed into misshapen paws. He’d groaned and slouched on his desk when the would-be wolf fell on all fours – spine popping and bulging through fake skin. No idea, Connor mused during the discussion of the director’s intentions for the scene. Words like evolution, retribution and the beast in everyone were bandied around, but all Connor wanted to say was bull! Change wasn’t painful. Why would it be? It was natural – nothing broke, nothing had to. His bones flowed into their other shape like stream water following its natural path. No pain. Just a heady sense of becoming.

 They were a joy to write and hopefully you will love them as much as I do!

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meA slinky cat for a witch may be a cliché, but add a whole bunch of tribal tattoos and an intolerance to garlic (seriously), and you have Isabelle Rowan.

Having moved to Australia from the North East of England as a small child, Isabelle now lives in a seaside suburb of Melbourne where she taught film making and English. She is a movie addict who spends far too much money on traveling… but then again, life is to be lived.

She is occasionally retired from teaching and is beginning a new career in story and screenwriting!

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