Review: A Faire to Remember by Misty Simon

Fiction, Paranormal Cozy Mystery, Novella


Blurb: There’s something afoot at the faire…Running a Renaissance Faire that employs and houses a bunch of misfit paranormals means Verla Faeth is well-acquainted with mischief and mayhem. So when her ex, Finn Taragon, shows up unannounced with a puppy in tow as a token of peace, she’s prepared for almost anything. Except tripping over a dead body, finding out the dog is a Cerberus, and apparently, she’s moved from wanna-be seer to crosser-of-the-dead.Finding the murderer will be hard enough, but having Finn move in next door to her might just be her undoing. 

Thoughts: this is the perfect time of year to pick up this series of paranormal cozy mysteries. This one is the first in the series. They are all novella length and available individually as ebooks, or collectively (three to a book) as paperbacks.

In this one, we are introduced to Verla who manages a Renaissance Faire that has more going on behind the scenes than in front. The “workers” are almost all paranormals, as is she. Her ex-husband, Finn shows up with an adorable puppy, determined to win her back and she can’t kick him out because he’s related to the owner, her boss. Things go from frustrating to weird as Verla trips over a dead body, discovers what her powers are, and that the cute puppy is definitely more than he seems. The characters are fun and realistic, and the world building is excellent.

Recommendation: This definitely should be on your “buy” list. The entire series should be. You won’t go wrong with this cute paranormal cozy.