Review: Netgalley’s Book Advocate Toolkit


Nonfiction, How-to, Reference


Blurb: Are you ready to start your journey with NetGalley? Or maybe you’re a long-time member looking to take your book advocacy up a notch? No matter where your starting point is, this toolkit is designed to have everything you need to succeed. From guidelines for creating your member Profile to tips for maintaining a strong Feedback Ratio, these pages are packed with advice for utilizing NetGalley to your advantage. Once you have a few books on your Shelf, pop over to this toolkit’s review section to brush up on tips for crafting book reviews—even those tricky critical ones! When you’re ready to share those reviews, this toolkit can help jumpstart your bookish social media platforms and offer suggestions for reviewing and creating content on social. So what are you waiting for? Download the kit and get started.

If you’re on Netgalley, or thinking about it, this is the first book you should download and read. There are guidelines on types of members, how to take your reviews to the next level, FAQs on who approves you as a reader/reviewer, and more. There is also information on the difference between “Read Now” books and the other ones where you have to ask for approval. Keeping your Feedback Ration at 80% and above is crucial to getting approvals. 

You’ll also learn how to give a review that actually works, how to tag publishers, how to use social media outlets, videos, blogs, and Goodreads. No, you don’t have to use all this, but there are guidelines for the things you do use. 

Recommendation: Do yourself and the publishers a favor and read over these guidelines. I’ve been on Netgalley almost since the beginning and I learned some things I never knew. Definitely recommended.