August 29 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: John Locke (1632), Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809), Anna Ella Carroll (1815), Maurice Maeterlinck (1862), Marquis James (1891), Preston Sturges (1898), John E. Williams (1922), Rene Depestre (1926), Thom Gunn (1929), Gillian Rubinstein (1942), Sue Harrison (1950), Karen Hesse (1952), Michael Kube-McDowell (1954),

Maurice Maeterlinck won the 1922 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Marquis James was a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography.

John Williams won the 1973 National Book Award for “Augustus”

Karen Hesse won the 1998 Newbery Award for “Out of the Dust”

Quote: “Deep feeling doesn’t make for good poetry. A way with language would be a bit of help.” – Thom Gunn

Tip: Like vs. as if – everyone overuses “like” but in a lot of cases, it can be changed to a different word. For instance: He looked at her like she was a drink of water and he was dying of thirst. (In this case, like can be changed to ‘as if’: he looked at her as if she…)

Jumpstart: She settled the mask over her face. “Are you ready for this?” He nodded and put on his mask as well…

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