August 17 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Ted Hughes (1930), V.S. Naipaul (1932), Herta Muller (1953), Jonathan Franzen (1959), Jessie Burton (1982),

Quote: “Read it out loud. I did this five times with The Muse – exhausting, but helpful. The brain, when you read silently, often corrects things for you. It’s only when you hear the rhythm of your sentences aloud, does your choice of words fall, or clear the hurdle. Muddy images, unintentionally repetitious adjectives, things that just don’t *land*…the list goes on.” – Jessie Burton

Tip: When a writer stutters, it means that s/he has used the same major word twice within the same sentence or paragraph, or has started too many sentences or paragraphs the same way, has given all his or her characters names that start with the same letter, or has repeated the same action too many times. Look over your work. How often have you “stuttered”?

Jumpstart: You’re on your way back from a trip. At the luggage kiosk, you grab what you’re sure is your bag. After all, it had that red ribbon you specifically tied to it. When you get home, you open it and find…