Spotlight: Kim Ligon

CJ Reynolds couldn’t wait to escape his hometown. He’s loving his bachelor life as a software developer in
California. So much so that he hasn’t been back in years to see the grandmother who raised him. Mikal Benson believes her small town is perfect for raising her son, Will, alone. When Mikal finds her neighbor, Polly Rogers, sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood, barely clinging to life, she calls Polly’s grandson—CJ Reynolds—and insists he must come home. Now! From her coma, Polly whispers three words that change everything. Did she fall or was she pushed? CJ, Mikal, and Will form an unlikely team coming together to discover the truth as danger engulfs them and love transforms them into a family.


Kim Ligon has been writing stories for most of her life—some on paper and some only in
her head. She has lots of source material growing up as the oldest child in a large family
in a small town in Wisconsin. Her father was a veterinarian so there were not only lots of
children around, but all manner of house pets and farm animals too. Her love of reading
comes from her mother who was seldom seen sitting down without a book in her hand.
After a demanding career in healthcare information technology, she is now getting to do
all the creative things she loves which includes writing her stories to share with you. She
lives with her chief encourager and personal romantic hero, her husband of almost
forever, in Alabama. Please follow her further adventures at


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