New Reviews are Up!

Under Fiction:

The Spirit of the Amaroq by James Charles – 5 Sparklers for this emotional book

The Art of Revenge by Joe Giordano – 4 Sparklers for this thriller

Under Mysteries:

Something Fishy this Way Comes by Gabby Allan – 5 Sparklers for this second in her witty series

Jak Barley-Private Inquisitor and the Temple of Dorga, Fish Headed God of Death by Dan Ehl – 4 Sparklers for this witty medieval paranormal mystery

Under Nonfiction:

DBT for Anxiety by Liz Corpstein – 5+ Sparklers for this book on controlling anxiety

Under YA:

Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl by Julie Kagawa – 5 sparklers for this YA adventure story

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