March 7 Writing tips, tricks, thoughts

Birthdays: Kōbō Abe (1924), Dan Jacobson (1929), George Perec (1936), Elizabeth Moon (1945), Daniel Goleman (1946), William Boyd (1952), Andrea Levy (1956), Robert Harris (1957), Rick Bass (1958), E.L. James (1963), Bret Easton Ellis (1964), Brent Weeks (1977)

Quote: “There’s a thousand other great writing tips, but generally, do what works for you. Try different things and keep doing whatever it is that helps you get words on the page.” – Brent Weeks

Tip: Stretch your writing brain and occasionally write something totally different for you. If you’re a novelist, write a poem; if a poet, write a short story. Write something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Jumpstart: What would the soundtrack of your life sound like?

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