February 18

Birthdays: Jean Jules Jusserand (1855), Nikos Kazantzakis (1883), Wallace Stegner (1909), Jack Gilbert (1925), A.R. Ammons (1926), Len Deighton (1929), Toni Morrison (1931), Audre Lorde (1934), Janette Oke (1935), Jean M Auel (1936), Pure Leith (1940), Lisa See (1955), George Pelecanos (1957), Douglas Rushkoff (1961), Frances Osborne (1969),

Jean Jusserand was the first winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1917.

Nikos Kazantzakis is best known for his novel “Zorba the Greek”

Wallace Stegner won the 1972 Pulitzer for Fiction for “Angle of Repose”

Jack Gilbert was a 2013 finalist for the Pulitzer for Poetry

A.R. Ammons won the Nat’l Book Award in Poetry in 1973 and 1993.

Toni Morrison won both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize

Quote: “The best writing advice anyone has ever given me was to get a first draft down and then edit and re edit afterwards, and then re edit again, and again…” – Frances Osborne

Tip: Re-read one of your stories. Highlight adjectives that merely label or explain and replace them with descriptive nouns that evoke concrete sensory qualities.

Jumpstart: How might your main character react to his or her reflection in a warped mirror or window? Why?

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