February 13 Writing Tips, Tricks, Thoughts

Birthdays: Eleanor Farjeon (1881), Georges Simenon (1903), Simms Taback (1932), Elaine Pagels (1943), Simon Schama (1945), William Sleator (1945), Janet Taylor Lisle (1947), Denise Austin (1957), Peter Heller (1959), Maureen F. McHugh (1959), Henry Rollins (1961),

Simms Taback won the Caldecott Medal for “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat”

Quote: “I write a thousand words a day, and I always stop in the middle of a scene or thought, and it makes it easy to pick up on the next day.” – Peter Heller

Tip: Character names are very important. Make a list of names – you can gather them from newspapers, magazines, etc. But be sure to mix up first and last names so you’re not writing about real people.

Jumpstart: You’re at work, bored to tears with entering data into yet another spreadsheet. You get up to grab a cup of coffee and glance out the window, and see something you never thought you’d see…