New Reviews

Here are the reviews for this week:

Under Mysteries:

“Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea” – the next installment in Karen Rose Smith’s Tea Garden series. A 5 sparkler story.

“Scarlet at Crystal Springs” – Randy Overbeck’s next book in his series. 5 Sparklers for this one too.

Under Nonfiction:

Knit 2 Socks in 1 by Safiyyah Talley – a new way to knit socks for those who do. Good instructions and patterns. 4 Sparklers

Under LGBTQ+ for Adults:

“Balancing Act” by Andrew Grey – 5 sparklers for this contemporary romance.

August 10

Birthdays: Suzanne Collins (1962)

Tip: Plot can take two basic forms, or even a combination of the two. It will usually be either a three-act structure (beginning, middle, end), or, from Joseph Campbell’s writings, be a mythic journey. It can also be a combination of the mythic journey within the three-act structure.

Thought for the day: “Practice does not make you perfect, as nobody is perfect. But it will make you better. If you thought you were perfect, you would no longer practice.” – Adrian Parrish

Jumpstart: You’re going to visit a favorite relative you haven’t seen in years. You’ve kept in touch by phone and letter, but not visually. When you see him/her, you’re shocked by their appearance. Why?