Review: Cozy mystery

I just finished SPRING UPON A CRIME by ML Erdahl – a 5 Sparkler Cozy mystery. Below are my thoughts. You can read the full review under “Mysteries”

Thoughts: I loved this story! This was the second in the Seattle Wilderness series. I enjoyed the first one enough to pick this one up as well – and wasn’t disappointed. This is a solid follow up to “Winter Takes All”. We are once again pulled into the life of Crystal, a wilderness guide who seems to stumble into murders. In the way of all cozy mysteries, she is our amateur sleuth who finds out who the killer is (and almost gets herself killed in the process). In this one, she has to save her friend Roxie the chef from being prosecuted for the murder of Roxie’s boss. She’s up against the local cops, developers, loggers, and tree-huggers. I especially loved the character of Emerson. He is perfect. The characters are fun and realistic and the imagery is amazing. The author shows us the northwest without being overly descriptive. And the light romance between Crystal and Conner is well done as well, although Conner isn’t in much of this book due to a sprained knee.

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