New reviews!

As the month draws to a close (already!), here are some new books for you to consider:

Under Fantasy: The Executioner’s Apprentice by D.K. Holmberg. This is a 4 sparkler book only because I was given the second book in the series and had no clue what was going on at first. The writer is an excellent writer with great characters and worldbuilding, but I strongly suggest reading the first book in the series first then this one. You’ll understand a whole lot more.

Under Fiction: Bernie and Bertie by Mike Owens. This darkly humorous book is about two serial killers who find love. Can’t say I liked it. Definitely not my kind of story, but that doesn’t mean someone out there won’t enjoy this kind of story. Take a look if you’re into dark stories.

Under Nonfiction: The Ultimate Memory Activity Book by Alexis Olsen and Phil Fraas. I liked this 5-Sparkler ebook so much, I purchased the paperback version for myself. Definitely recommended.

From Teresa:

Under movies: Sleeping Murder

Under Teresa: The Fabric of Civilization.


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