Guest Author: Maggie Preston

For Riley Kenner, the small town of Belle Terre Louisiana is going to be her second chance at home and family. She’s ready to put down some roots after a life on the road and has found a house to call her own and one of her long-lost brothers. Then her brother disappears – along with her money – and disaster begins to follow Riley through the streets of town making her an outsider before she can even take off her toolbelt.

Jackson Guidry had everything anyone could ever want until his family was willing to walk him down the aisle and trade his future for their own. He’s been on his own since then until he discovers people who look to him for the answers and a community worth fighting for. 

 As her dreams of home and family go up in smoke (literally), Riley is ready to call it quits. Jackson may only be the stand-in sheriff, but he’s determined to help Riley uncover the truth behind her missing money and missing brother and find a place to call her own.

Can two people looking for a second chance find an opportunity for their happily ever after?

About the author

Maggie Preston is an award-winning author of contemporary romantic fiction. She fell in love with romance before she even knew what it was, stealing paper back novels from her grandmother’s closet when her mother wasn’t looking. Maggie loves to travel and tells people that anything and everything they do could end up in her next novel. So, if you’ve met Maggie and recognize yourself in her books, remember you were warned. Maggie currently balances life between her right brain and left brain: technical writer and quality management consultant by day, romance writer by night. 





Twitter:  @maggie_preston


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