New Reviews

I have three new reviews posted. Actually, that’s not true. Two are posted, one is not. It’s not posted because I gave it one star – something I hate to do and something I won’t post here. But this book was so bad that I just couldn’t recommend it at all. So… a word of advice to authors who go the self-publishing route: Please, please, please… hire a good editor and formatter. The book I read (and no, I will not say what it was. If you are really curious, check out my Goodreads page), was a blatant ripoff of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. Yes, other authors have done this, but not in such an obvious manner as this one. The formatting was awful and the spelling/word misuse proof that it never went past a good editor/proofreader.

The other two books I read this weekend (and this seemed to be my weekend for magic related books):

“Crystal Magic” by Madeline Freeman: a 3 star review only because it ended in a cliffhanger ending (which I detest) and too many characters named “Crystal” (in various spellings). The twist at the end was intriguing but it forces you to buy more books in order to find out what happens and I hate that kind of marketing ploy. But, that being said, it is a decent YA paranormal read. You can find the full review under “YA Books”

“Candle Magic for Beginners” by Mystic Dylan – a 5 star review for this nonfiction book that is all about using candles in spell casting. A decent, easy-to-follow howto book. You can find the full review in “Nonfiction”.


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