Guest Author: Anna M. Taylor


Ten years ago no one — not even the man who said he loved her — believed Sankofa Lawford’s story of being attacked by a ghost. Ten years later a new ghostly assault brings her back home to a mother going mad, a brother dangling at his wits’ end and a former love wanting a second chance. She’s at a loss what to do because the painful memories of her own attack prove stronger than her desire to heal her family or to find love again. Mitchell Emerson believes science and reason can account for the ghostly happenings at Umoja House. He seeks a rational explanation that will prove him right and hopefully regain Sankofa’s trust and love. Instead what he learns leaves his own beliefs shattered. Now reluctant allies, Mitchell and Sankofa uncover years of lies that threaten to pull them apart until help comes from an unexpected ally: the ghost itself.


“‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’”

Mitchell leaned forward in the chair across from Professor John Mortimer.

“That’s your realm more than mine, John. You’re the philosophy and religion professor.”

His mentor and friend laughed. Mortimer’s jowly cheeks puffed, his bushy gray eyebrows waggled like a Black Santa in a Macy’s Christmas window display. The mid-Century chrome, light wood, and tidy surface of his desk defied the stereotypes of musty books and clutter attributed to eccentric college professors.

Mortimer leaned back, his fingertips steepled. “But it’s why you sought me out, why you’re talking to me about this.”

“Granted, but as I’m not in the camp of biblical literalists, I don’t know how to interpret that verse, John.”

Mortimer smiled seventy years of wisdom on Mitch. “Perhaps you’re more comfortable with Shakespeare? ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies, Horatio.’”

Mitchell shook his head. “Nope. That’s equally unhelpful.”

“Too metaphysical for your scientific tastes, Mr. Soon-to-be Commissioned Lay Pastor?”

Mitchell rubbed his upper arm. “Too metaphysical for someone who recently just put religion back in their portfolio.”

Mortimer leaned a forearm across the glass top of his desk. “So why don’t we start with the answer you want and work our way back to the truth?”

Mitchell dry scrubbed his face. Could he accept his answer wasn’t the truth? He studied his friend. A scientist and an evangelical believer, John Mortimer was Mitch’s bumblebee: the thing defied all the reasons for why it shouldn’t exist by its very existence.

Author bio and links: Anna M. Taylor is the gothic romance and women’s fiction penname of Anna Taylor Sweringen, a retired United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church USA minister. She has been writing seriously since joining Romance Writers of America in 2003. Her first published work appeared in 2008 under her inspirational romance penname, Anna Taylor. Her first erotic romance was published in 2016 with The Wild Rose Press as Michal Scott. Her Haunted Harlem contemporary gothic romance series launched in June 2020.

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