New Reviews

A new review for a nonfiction book: The 5-Minute Productivity Journal by Jennifer Webb. This 5 Sparkler book is a good book for those who want to become more productive through journaling. There are two main parts—Starting Out and Journal Entries—along with resources and references. If I had any criticism at all, it would be that both the resources and references were a bit thin, but…it’s a jounaling book which doesn’t take a lot of research. Each journal entry gives space for your feelings, productivity, setting priorities, and more. Including a place to vent/rejoice/plan. The first section gives you ways to set SMART goals, find a routine, how to tackle large tasks, planning and prioritizing, evaluating and more. It also encourages you to create a “life wheel” as a way to understand what is important to you and figure out what you really want.

Also: a 4 Sparkler for “Create Your Own Graphic Novel” – a colorful how-to manual aimed at teens or young writers looking to create their own graphic novels or comic books.

You can find my full review under the Nonfiction page.