Guest Author/Review: RL Merrill

SUMMER OF HUSH by RL Merrill (available Oct 8)

LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

sparkler sparkler sparkler sparkler sparkler

This is an amazing story. Easy to read (though, to be honest, I didn’t get all the rock metal references). But even with that, it was still a great story.

Krish—aka The Guru—is a music blogger. He’s been writing his blog anonymously for six years and has millions of followers, including Silas, leader of the band Hush. Krish gets the chance to go on the Warped Tour (this is a real thing, I discovered. A tour for multiple bands that started in 1995) and gets to meet his idol, Silas. There are instant sparks between Silas and Krish, but also too many secrets. When Krish does come out as The Guru, some of the band members don’t take it well. They’ve been burned by journalists and keeping his identity secret doesn’t sit well with them.

There are accidents, fights, making up, making out, and more as the fates try to keep Krish and Silas apart, but also keep throwing them back together. As in most romances, it all works out in the end with a HEA that satisfies.

What I liked: The mixture of reality (the real tour) and imagination (not a real band) kept the story on the believable side. The characters were well drawn, making them feel like you could go meet them. The settings—on the bus with the band and all the things that go with cramming a bunch of young men into a bus for long periods of time. The diversity of the characters.

What I didn’t like: Honestly? Nothing. This is a well-written, believable romance that ends in a HEA that satisfies.

Recommendation: A good read for anyone who likes M/M romances. You don’t even need to understand the music scene to “get” this book. A definite recommend.

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