Guest Author: Karilyn Bentley

What genre do your books fall into or is it a genre blended? I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

What inspires you to write? Being able to tell my stories to others.

Do you listen to music or set the mood somehow to get writing? No, I don’t listen to music as that’s too distracting for me. I start singing to the lyrics and then forget what I’m writing. But I do like to drink a cup of hot tea while I write.

Do you come up with the plot or characters first? It depends on the story but usually the plot.

Do you have a favorite book of yours? I love The Song of Ice and Fire series. I can’t just choose one book. There are too many I love!

Who would you consider an influence on your writing? Reading a Sherrilyn Kenyon book years ago put me on the path to writing romance. I got to meet her years ago and told her how reading one of her books made me decide to write romance. After she gave me an odd look, I clarified it some so I didn’t seem like a crazy stalker!

Tell me something quirky about yourself. I have to make up the bed as soon as I get up in the morning.

What do you aim to make people feel when they read your books? I want them to feel a cross of suspense and humor. But mostly I want them to be happy they read an enjoyable story.

What’s next for you? I’m working on a paranormal mystery. Can’t tell you much more than that!

Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes. It drives my hubby nuts because I can’t stay on tune if I try!

Blurb for The Shadowheart Curse:

perf5.000x8.000.inddEscaping New York after a client’s untimely death, medium Adrianna Sinclair flees to her family property in Italy. All she wants is to avoid ghosts, but an attractive one tempts her in ways she never knew possible.  Luca Fausto has been trapped on the Romani property for over a century for a crime he didn’t commit.  Adrianna may be the answer to breaking the curse that keeps him bound.  Standing in their way is a demonic spirit’s plan for revenge.  Will they prevail or will Luca be cursed to the shadows forever?


Lights drew her attention to the opposite wing of the mill, where a man stood staring at her window. At her. Breath caught in her lungs as she froze.

But only for a brief moment until she realized it wasn’t a man, at least not a living one. Her breath escaped on a whoosh of relief. Intuition whispered the man was the spirit who’d watched her last night.

The one from her dream.

Shadows clung to his body, ghostly fingers releasing as he stepped into the dim slash of moonlight. Lights flickered from behind him, like the dying gasps of sputtering candles. Dressed in a white shirt with an old-fashioned high collar, sleeves rolled halfway up his forearms, and dark trousers, he reminded her of a working man in a World War I photograph. As if he had removed his coat and tie and rolled up his sleeves to get to work.

Except the men in those photos didn’t sport the wide-eyed, happy look of this man. Ghost. Whatever. Yeah, he wasn’t the only one surprised. She’d sworn never to see a ghost again, yet there stood a ghost, captured by her gaze. The man was hot, in an old-fashioned way. At least he didn’t sport a handle-bar moustache.

He gestured to her, his hand beckoning in a “come here” motion.

She squeezed the bridge of her nose. Was she actually thinking of heading his way? Judging by the way her feet pointed toward the door, she’d already decided. Dammit. She might not want to see a ghost or speak to a spirit, but past experience told her if she ignored them, they ramped up the annoying factor.

How bad could it be to talk to an attractive spirit?


KarilynBentleyKarilyn Bentley’s love of reading stories and preference for sitting in front of a computer at home instead of in a cube, drove her to pen her own works, blending fantasy and romance mixed with a touch of funny.

Her paranormal romance novella, Werewolves in London, placed in the Got Wolf contest and started her writing career as an author of sexy heroes and lush fantasy worlds.

Karilyn lives in Colorado with her own hunky hero, two crazy dogs, aka The Kraken and Sir Barks-A-Lot, and a handful of colorful saltwater fish.







Where to find Karilyn:










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