May 3


Guided Hearts

by C. Ellen Culverwell

Category: Fantasy / Paranormal

Series: Guided Hearts

Laurel Quincy’s respectable life is suddenly shattered by the betrayal of her husband. Everything she thought she knew about him, and their life together was destroyed the day the FBI raided the bank where she was its president. A web of lies and deceit had cost her everything she holds dear: job, home, and financial security. Looking for clarity and solace she seeks her parents grave in historic Pioneer Cemetery. Her deliverance suddenly appears when she meets Maggie, an eccentric old woman fond of wearing pink fuzzy slippers and tattered bathrobe. She proves to be a good friend and advisor, guiding Laurel in rebuilding her life and again trusting in love.

ISBN: (digital) 9781509248124  ISBN: (print) 9781509248117

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