April 27 New Books


Viscount in Hiding

by Caitlyn Callery

Category: Romance / Historical / Regency

Amelia Bell attends a gathering at Viscount Frantham’s nearby estate, on her best behavior to persuade her father she is worthy of a London Season. When she interrupts mysterious Josh Winter in the viscount’s library rifling through private papers, the temptation to help him evade capture is far too great. Intrigued, she joins him in pursuing leads. Josh Summersby has returned from India and finds an imposter in his place. Convinced there’s more to the plot than stolen identity, he takes an assumed name and investigates, determined to win back his name and discover the villains’ purpose. As Amelia and Josh draw closer to the truth, they realize stakes are higher than imagined. Failure to jinx the evil plan may cost not only their hearts but their very lives.

ISBN: (digital) 9781509248797  ISBN: (print) 9781509248780

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