Spotlight: Virginia Barlow

He lured her into his arms one jelly bean at a time.

Jillian Andrews enjoys being a detective with the Dallas Police until a drug cartel wounds her and kills her partner. Blamed for the incident by fellow officers, Jill discovers a voice-activated recorder in her car and smells a setup.

Detective Zachary Tillman, Jill’s new partner, has her back while his manner and nearness send heatwaves through her recently divorced sworn-off-men heart and body.

Together they have to find the mole before any more cops die.

As the attraction between them escalates, so do the plans of the villain who wants her dead.

ISBN: (digital) 9781509248384  

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I love being an author. It’s all about where your characters lead you. I start with a general idea. As the story unfolds I type as fast as I can in hopes I keep up with my characters.They have had me jotting on napkins, making notes while I’m waiting in a line, and waking me up in the middle of the night. The hard part is always the ending. My characters live with me and when I reach the end of the story, it is hard to say goodbye.Sometimes I let the story sit for a few days to make sure I’m okay with them leaving home to get published. Kind of like when you kids move out. LOL

I enjoy my grandchildren, and the time I share with them. They make me smile with their antics. I like to quilt, crochet, knit and sew. Cooking and baking are occasional itches I scratch. The rest of the time, they are necessary evils. LOL.

My greatest support comes from my husband. He has been my sounding board for all my stories. My daughters are also a great support to me. I couldn’t do it without my family.


Twitter: @Virgini35142126


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