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I’m starting a new idea this month. In addition to author spotlights and reviews, I’m going to promote one book from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. In most cases, I have not read these books unless it’s a review book — which I will tell you. I’m just helping out fellow authors. So take a look. Maybe buy one or two. And if you do, please leave a short review for them on Goodreads or Amazon.

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Today’s book:


Destiny’s Spring

by Iona Morrison

Category: Romance / Fantasy

Series: Jelly Beans and Spring Things

Desirae Fontaine, better known by her friends as Destiny, is on her way to see her friend Peyton in Blue Cove. Having gone through a lot in her life the past few months, Destiny needs some downtime to reset her life.Her adventure begins on the plane when she meets a sweet older woman named Mila Ferris. Their conversation during the flight leads to her sharing her heart with the kind woman and ends with a bit of unseen magic in a bag of jellybeans.Evan Parker has his own hardships to overcome and could use the help of the kind old gentleman who comes with a little magic of his own. Can two lonely hearts find love and two weary fairies find help in helping Anything can happen. It’s Destiny’s spring.

ISBN: (digital) 9781509248056  

Available through these fine retailers…



Barnes & Noble

Google Books


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