April 1 Writing

Birthdays: Edmond Rostand (1868), Abraham Harold Maslow (1908), Augusta Baker (1911), Anne McCaffrey (1926), Milan Kundera (1929) Samuel Ray Delany (1942), Francine Prose (1947),

Quote: “That’s what writing is all about, after all, making others see what you have put down on the page and believing that it does, or could, exist and you want to go there.” – Anne McCaffrey

Tip: The first week of April is National Library Week. Think about when you go to the library. What genre do you read? Why do you read this one? How often do you go to the library?  Do you browse or go straight for your favorite area? Do you use the library for anything other than books? Even small libraries are huge sources of information. Go visit one and take a look around.

Jumpstart: This is April Fool’s Day. Would your character be the one playing the jokes, or the butt of them? Why? What would s/he do?

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