New Reviews

Some fun books this time around!

Under Mysteries:

5 Sparklers for “Murder With Earl Grey Tea” by Karen Rose Smith – but be forewarned, you really should read the first eight in this series in order to fully understand what’s going on. But you won’t be sorry!

Under Fantasy:

5 Sparklers for “Pillar of Heaven” by Kitty Shields. Great characters, especially Kate, the main character. But… watch out for quite a few typos. Still, the story is worth the read.

Under Romance:

3 Sparklers for “Georgie All Along” by Kate Clayborn. A little slow, but a satisfying ending.

New Books from The Wild Rose Press

The Lumberjills

by M W Arnold

Category: Romance / Historical / 20th C

Series: The Lumberjills

Berry Chambers and her co-workers have joined the Women’s Timber Corps—known as the Lumberjills—to do their bit for Britain. On their first day felling trees, they rescue an RAF pilot and become entangled in the loveless marriage of her new landlords. Danger is never far away, be it an ill-timed axe swing or the occasional activity of the Luftwaffe overhead. Add a psychotic farm cat, a couple of young runaway evacuees, a spate of malicious packages, and the jealousy of the Land Girls next door, and life for Berry and her friends is never boring. Can the girls find the balance between their vital war work and the natural pull of love?

The Wylder Cat and The Pinkerton Agent

by April Hollingworth

Category: Romance / Paranormal

Series: Wylder West

Pinkerton Agent George McIntyre has come to Wylder to track down a thief known only as The Cat.Allie Murphy, a jaguar shifter is the cat in question and will do anything to avoid being caught. She is not an ordinary thief and has her reasons for stealing from Walter Freeman, the man who hired George. The problem is no matter where she goes he seems to be one step ahead of her.George finds Allie fascinating and is determined to get closer to her. Just as he realizes that this assignment is more complex than he imagined, danger rides into town and Allie and George will have to trust each other if they’re going to have a chance of surviving.

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