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Under Nonfiction:

TINY BUDDHA’S INNER STRENGTH JOURNAL by Lori Deschene – 5 Sparklers for this book of tips and coloring pages that help you find inner strength and self-esteem.

COOKING A LA HEART by Linda Hatchfield and Am Myrdal Miller – 4 Sparklers for this big book with 500 recipes based on the DASH diet.

And my favorite:

DREAMSNAKE by Vonda N. McIntyer

5+ sparklers for this old favorite.

I first read this book back in the 70s when it initially came out and loved it then, but my copy was lost over the years. It is recently back in print and reading it now, it is still as fascinating as it was then with great characters and amazing world building. Snake is a great lead character. As a healer in a dystopian society, she travels around with her snakes in what passes for doctors in the distant future. The different people she runs into run the gamut of desert nomad bands to snobbish mountain dwellers to paranoid city dwellers, and even an alien landscape and strange man who attempts to kill her. Definitely recommended for those who like science fiction.