Spotlight: Holiday Books

Madelyn Sherman is looking for some direction—It’s just weeks before Christmas and her home went up in flames, her ex turned out to be a creep, and her safe job no longer excites her. On impulse she buys a food truck. It isn’t the bakery she dreams of, but it’s a start. Peyton Davis is proud of the Artisan Village he’s built. Home to vendors of all kinds, it offers a lifestyle that suits him, but he longs for someone to share his dream. When Madelyn arrives to take the last spot at the village, she crashes her bakery on wheels right into his prized vintage truck…and his heart. Can the magic of the season turn dented fenders to romance? Only time, and a signature cookie, will tell!

The Wild Rose Press

Caterer Lorelei Warner juggles her fledging Southern California business and raising young twins with the help of her mother and sister. Handling a three-day wedding event stretches her limits…and then her old beau walks in and threatens the delicate balance. Stained glass restorer Wynn Tatum hopes to cross paths with the woman he left behind to pursue his dreams. What he doesn’t expect is that seeing Lorelei again sparks the feelings from six years ago. Now that he’s held her in his arms again, and learned he’s the father to five-year-old twins, he will do anything to stay in touch. How can his family be whole if he and Lorelei live on two different continents?

The Wild Rose Press

Margot Beaufort is out of a job. Soon she’ll be out of a home. If she doesn’t find a place, she’ll be sharing a couch with a friend’s territorial cat. And it can’t be just anywhere, not if she wants to see her opinionated grandmother, Marguerite. But it’s the season for miracles, right? To save historic Renfrew House from demolition, Trent Talbot converted the property into apartments. But nobody stays in the “crazy” carriage house unit for long. If Trent can’t solve the problem, he’ll be back under Daddy dearest’s thumb. Then a chance encounter with a sweet redhead, plus an old book, inspire an insane idea… Margot quickly discovers why everyone flees the carriage house apartment. It’s haunted! With Marguerite’s help, Margot’s determined to free an unhappy spirit. But can she and Trent have a future that’s merry and bright?

The Wild Rose Press

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