Holiday Spotlights

Stacey Zervos swore off Greek-American men and their mothers. In search of the Christmas cookies that remind her of home, she stumbles upon a new bakery and finds Steve Kalofonas. He’s exactly what she doesn’t want: good looking and attached to his family. But there’s something about Steve and those cookies Stacey can’t resist. Steve just can’t say what he means. When Stacey walks into his aunt’s bakery, he fumbles. She’s like no one he’s ever met, stunning and witty. Is the instant lust and pull he feels real to her, too? Unable to shake Stacey from his mind, he musters the courage to ask her on a date. Is cultural connection and attraction enough? Will Steve finally learn how to say what he needs?


Benny O’Brien owns his reputation—carefree bachelor and successful computer design engineer with one of Atlanta’s premier firms. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, he agrees to teach a middle school coding club as a favor to a coworker. He expects to debug computer statements…not his heart. As the new public relations coordinator at the firm, Claudia Banks spends her days strategizing market segments and her evenings relaxing with her close-knit group of girlfriends…or curling up with a favorite book. When her office crush signs on to her school outreach program, she braces for a lesson in irresistible attraction. The stakes rise when the two come together over the school’s Christmas dance and a mysterious scrapbook. As secrets tug at their hearts, will they choose honesty and go all in for love?


Victoria, a rich, shapeshifter wizard, uses her cat form to spy and gather evidence on those intent on breaking the law. Once the DA has her evidence and files charges, she exposes the criminals in a series of newspaper articles. She hates how these people continually evade the law by buying off witnesses or making the evidence disappear. Especially the vile man she’s currently investigating. Dragon, a bodyguard from wizarding security, tackles Victoria out of the way of an attempted hit-and-run. He and her roommate confront her about the threatening notes she’s been receiving. He’d like to take her away to a safe house, but she has other plans. How can he protect her when she refuses to take the danger seriously? Will they manage to work together before it’s too late? Even magic can’t keep her safe…can he?


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