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5.0 out of 5 stars   ‘Incident at Lahore Basin’ is a must read for thriller afficionados.

Wow! What a terrific thriller, rapt with cliff-hangers and suspense. Hooked me from the outset. Couldn’t put the book down. ‘Incident at Lahore Basin’ works on a variety of levels; daring action, political intrigue and double-dealing, all underscored by a fast-moving plot having main protagonist Dale Latham engulfed in a whirlpool of intrigue and spy tradecraft.

‘Incident at Lahore Basin’ offers a new approach to the thriller genre, in that it encapsulates an unusual bewitching theme set in a bizarre environment, with none of the usual expected outcomes and even less predictability. It oozes pathos, a clear-cut exposé and most of all, realism on how the world of business and politics often collide, producing decimating outcomes for those inadvertently caught up in the high-powered politicians’ game.

Readers should prepare themselves for the thunderbolt ending; something totally unforeseen, it hit me like a sledgehammer.

Highly recommended. Five stars.

Clive Radford began writing at school, then university but mainly through subsequent life experience.

His poetry has been published in numerous poetry magazines such as The Journal, The Cannon’s Mouth, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Now, Storming Heaven, Poetry Nottingham, Scripsi and Modern Review, plus in many compilations by United Press. 

A series of his short stories and poems have been published by Ether Books. The Arts Council has sponsored publication of his novels ‘One Night in Tunisia’ and ‘The Sounds of Silence’. His contemporary satire ‘Doghouse Blues’ was number one in Harper Collins Authonomy chart and has been awarded gold medal status. It has been published by Black Rose. His spy thriller ‘Zavrazin’ has been published by Triplicity Publishing. It’s companion sequel ‘Nexus Bullet’ is published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing. His three-book series ‘Disclosures of a Femme Fatale Addict’ has been published by Wild Dreams Publishing and Miraclaire Publishing. His science fiction novel ‘Maggie’s Farm’, suspense-thriller ‘Incident at Lahore Basin’, contemporary thriller ‘Alpha Centauri’ and his satires ‘Doghouse Blues 2’, ‘Doghouse Blues 3’ and ‘Doghouse Blues Revised and Remastered’ are published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Melange Books has published his mystery thriller, ‘Monsoon in the Making’ and ‘The Spiral Staircase and other Novellas’, a mix of psychological, modern satire and rite of passage sagas.

‘One Night in Tunisia’, ‘Zavrazin’ and ‘Nexus Bullet’ have all been converted into three-act screenplays. The ‘Zavrazin’ screenplay is under contract with Story Merchant/Atchity Productions for film production.

Rogue Phoenix Press will be publishing his action-adventure/rite of passage ‘Desolation Argonauts’ August 2022.

Currently, he is crafting a number of works including ‘Three Cheshire Boys’ a comedic thriller, ‘Colby Richmond: The University Years’, the coming of age sequel to ‘Disclosures of a Femme Fatale Addict’, ‘Mozart meets McCartney’, a mystery, and ‘Wokeland’, a dystopian social science fiction.

His work has a distinctive voice setting it apart and appealing to those fascinated by intrigue, and who question status quo accepted views.