New reviews

I’ve been lax as I and my fellow writers from The Wild Rose Press promote our holiday cookie stories. If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do! They’re great little stories. None is longer than 100 pages so you’ll read them quickly and enjoy them! I know I have been.

Also, you’ll note the menu at the top is much less cluttered. I’ve moved all the review pages to “Reviews” and you’ll find the individual links there. I know it’s one more click, but it’s much easier for some people to read this way.

Now, to reviews:

Under LGBTQ, Andrew Grey has two coming out and they’re both in the “Bad to be Good” series. And both are good. 🙂 They are Bad to be Merry (a 4 Sparkler short Christmas-themed story) and Bad to be Noble (4 Sparklers).

Under Mysteries:

Thanksgiving Pizza Murder by Pattie Benning (3 Sparklers). Short, with a good ending, but a little bit slow in the beginning.

Don’t Wake the Dead by C.C. Wood (5 Sparklers)

Food, Fools, and a Dead Psychic by Maria Grazia Swan (3 Sparklers)

Witch Way to Halloween by Misty Simon (5 Sparklers)

Under Fantasy:

Stone Magic by Thea Atkinson (4 Sparklers)

Under Nonfiction:

Bread Machine Sour Dough Baking by Carroll Pellegrinelli (5 Sparklers)

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