New Reviews

Remember the saying “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”? Well, that’s what’s been happening to me and I apologize for not getting reviews posted faster. But I am reading as fast as I can among everything else I need to do. So… here are the new reviews for this week:

Under Nonfiction: Gluten Free Instant Pot Cookbook by Pamela Ellgen – a really good GF book to add to your cookbook shelves.

Under Fantasy: The Angel by the Tower by Marla White – a great fantasy with angels and demons and legends and more.

Under Mystery:

The Starlight Mint Surprise Murder Mystery by Marla White – a cute, short murder mystery with a satisfying ending.

Under Romance:

Covert Exposure by Valerie J. Clarizio – not bad but definite editorial issues and a steamy bedroom scene. Romantic Suspense.

Craving Vengeance by Valerie J. Clarizio – not bad, but not great. Second in series and has the same issues.

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