New Reviews

Here are the new reviews for this week:

Under Teresa’s Movie/Book Tie-ins:

The Dream 1989 David Suchet Hercule Poirot episode

Murder, She Said (1961) Margaret Rutherford

Under Fantasy: Prelude by CA Oliver – this was a 3 Sparkler for me not because it was bad, but because it is exactly what it said it was – a prelude to the books in the series it goes with. There’s a short story, but mostly lists of characters, lands, etc.

Under Romance:

Orange Cream Dreams and Murderous Schemes by DM Grant – a romantic suspense that got 3 sparklers

Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking by Linda Griffin – another romantic suspense with 3 sparklers

Don’t Mind Me, I Came With the House by CJ Zahner – a 4 sparkler riotous romance with an older (47) heroine

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