New Reviews

This seems to be my week for romances and nonfiction and that’s where you’ll find three new reviews in each.

Under Romance:

“Until” by Beth Henderson – a 5 Sparkler historical romance that takes place in 1863 in gold country. Nicely done.

“The Romanov Legacy” by Marilyn Baron – a 3 Sparkler contemporary story based on the historical events surrounding the Romanovs of old Russia.

“A Strict Lesson” by Eliza Quinn – a short (52 pages) erotic 2 Sparkler.

Under Nonfiction:

Plant-Based Bean Cookbook by Katherine Green – a 5 Sparkler look at vegan recipes for all meals.

Plant-Based Diet in 30 Days by Sara Tercero – a 5 Sparkler primer for learning how to use less salt, sugar, and go vegetarian

Gluten-free Baking for Beginners by Johnna Wright Perry – a 5 Sparkler introduction to going gluten free

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