New Reviews Are In

I have been reading a lot, but not posting a lot, and for that I apologize. Life, as they say, sometimes gets in the way. So… here are quite a few new reviews for you to take a look at:

Under Teresa’s Movie/Book Reviews (all based on Agatha Christie’s books):

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans with Julia McKinzie

Nemesis – 1987 with Joan Hickson


5-Ingredient Heart Healthy Cookbook by Andy De Santis. 182 pages of good eating and information

Vegetable Simple – A beautiful cookbook by Eric Rupert with some amazing recipes, all vegetable based.

Prediabetes Action and Diet Play by Alice Figueroa – It’s full of good information that is vital to your overall health and some really good recipes.

30-Minute MIND Diet Cookbook by Amanda Foote – This is an informative, well-written cookbook with some great recipes and tips on how to help your brain stay healthy

Under LGBTQ for Adults:

Dark Water by J.S. Cook – first in series

Dark Mire by J.S. Cook – two dark mystery books that take place in a maritime area of Newfoundland, Canada

Heavy Lifting by Andrew Grey – hunky body builders and shy geeks – what could be better in a gay romance?

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